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Choose your meal preference
Vendor Classification

Vendor Terms & Conditions 

Vendor agrees to:

- Provide all necessary equipment, materials, and personnel to manage the vendor table.

- Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.

- Ensure that all products and services are within the areas of education, faith, or art. No clothing. 

- Adhere to all payment, set-up, and tear-down deadlines provided by the Client.

- Be responsible for collecting product payments, shipping, etc. 


Client shall:

- Provide the Vendor with 1 table, 1 chair, table cloth, table tent, 1 meal ticket, 1 banquet ticket

- Assist the Vendor with any logistical arrangements necessary for the provision of services.

- Vending spaces will be designated by signage.  

- Vendors are to PLEASE remain in the confines of your assigned space.  Do not place items in ANY OTHER AREA, other than the space you have been assigned.  This includes placing items in walkways, aisles, spaces across from your space, or any other vacant space. 

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